Program & Menu

Daily Program

3:00-6:00 PM

From School

Staff will greet and walk with children to The Club House as a support. The Club House accepts duty of care of the children once signed in at Moore Park Baptist Church. (Our facilities are located at 80 Taringa Parade less than 500m away from school – approximately a six minute walk).

Afternoon Tea

When the children arrive they will be signed in and have a snack consisting of a sandwich station, fruit, something salty and something sweet.  A menu will be available to all parents and we will work around food allergies as needed.

See Menu

Next we will have opportunities for structured (bible stories, cooking, crafts, gardening, recreation) and unstructured play (lego, building blocks, cards and board games).   Additionally we have a comfortable space to complete homework or read. We are not the parent or guardian therefore we cannot sign off on homework. 

  • Office – Level 1
  • Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Hangout Zone
  • Outdoor Creative Area  – Level 2
  • Homework Zone – Level 3

Parents will report to the office on level 1 before picking up their child/ren.  Pickups must be no later 6 PM. Fees occur every additional 15 mins past 6pm.